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                                                                                      CR Technology/Photon Dynamics


The AOI Service Group offers comprehensive technical service and support for both Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) and X-ray inspection systems throughout the United States, Canada & Mexico. 24 hour turn around on most jobs!

Automated Optical Inspection Systems

  • RTI 6500: Offline AOI w/Analogue Cameras
  • RTI 6520:Inline AOI  w/Analogue Cameras
  • RTI 7500: Inline AOI w/Digital Cameras
  • SV 7550: Inline AOI w/Digital Cameras
  • SV 8000: Inline AOI w/Digital Cameras


X-ray Systems

  • CRX/SV 1000: X-Ray w/Standard Sized Cabinet
  • CRX/SV 2000: X-Ray w/Large Sized Cabinet

All systems came in various configurations:

  • Tube: Hamamatsu Sealed (Red) or X-Tek Open (Silver)
  • Stage: Programmable or Non-Programmable 
  • Image Intensifier: 4, 6 or Both (Switchable)

AOI/X-ray Combo Systems

  • XRV Combo: AOI/X-Ray Inline Combo w/Rotary Stage
  • SV X 2000: AOI and X-Ray Inline Combo